Notion Scalable Habit Tracker

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Get habits done without the daily pressure and stress

If you are a person whose habits are more like activities you do during the week instead of on fixed days (go to the gym three times a week, eat fruit 6 days a week, etc.) and you have a healthy love for databases over checkboxes on pages then this is the habit tracker for you.

I have used this habit tracker for over 9 months, and it does exactly what it should do: keep me accountable for the habits that are important to me without stressing me out. And it is integrated across my Notion space, so it is easy!

You can set weekly goals for each habit and assign your habits to more extensive areas where you want to grow. Each week, you have a clear view of what to do and what works.

This habit tracker requires Notion. If you don't have Notion, you can get it here (I get some money if you decide to purchase something). Furthermore, some paid features might improve this habit tracker (but are not required).

Get this habit tracker now and get better every week

Integrating it into other parts of your Notion Setup

The essence of this habit tracker is simple. However, you can do some additional things that will make it 10 times more powerful.

Buttons everywhere

You can copy and paste any buttons to track your habits elsewhere in your Notion setup.

For example, I have a habit of cleaning up my task inbox, and of course, I got it next to it. Make sure to update the habit in the button, though, since by default, the action is set as “this page.”

Putting those buttons everywhere in your Notion Setup makes it much easier to work on your habits and track the work you do on your habits.

You can read this page for more details on what you can modify and benefit from.

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A complete habit tracker to improve yourself daily

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Notion Scalable Habit Tracker

4 ratings
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